May 9, 2012

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By: Roy L. Kaufmann and David H. Cox


DC:  New DC Courts Website.  The DC Courts rolled out their revised websites at www.dccourts.gov.  Some judges’ calendars are now viewable with more to come. See complete article.

DC:  Department of Insurance, Securities, and Banking (DISB) reverses its position on its reductions and coupons from title agents that are unrelated to insurance premiums collected. See complete article.

DC:  DC OTR now offers a form of “Private Letter Ruling”. See complete article.

DC: Budget Support Act for 2013.  See complete article.

DC: New income levels for Lower Income Homeownership Exemption Program. See complete article.

DC: DC Condominium Conversion Fees.  DC Court of Appeals holds that DC improperly barred a property owner from filing for a Non-Housing Accommodation exemption to the fee for condominium conversions. See complete article.

DC:  The Zoning Commission has designated the Electronic Zoning Map as the Official Zoning Map for the District of Columbia.  See complete article.

DC:   WASA can bill landlord if tenant does not pay water bill. See complete article.


VA: Virginia Supreme Court declines to revisit CRESPA Bond decision. See complete article.

VA: Change in recordation taxes on refinance Deeds of Trust effective July 1, 2012. See complete article.


Federal:   Rescissions under Federal Truth in Lending Act.  Is notice of rescission sufficient or does one have to file suit?  Circuit split on the issue. See complete article.

Federal:  Restrictive Land Use Covenant Upheld that prohibited sale of gasoline unless under a specific brand name.  See complete article.


19th Council Period (2012)



DC Bar, Real Estate, Housing, and Land Use Section Annual Legislative and Case Law Update

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The City Club of Washington
555 13th Street, NW
Columbia Square
Washington, DC 20004

This is the flagship event of the real estate section of the bar and will take place at 6:30 PM. Among the speakers is Roy L. Kaufmann and the moderator will be David H. Cox, both of Jackson & Campbell, P.C.

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District of Columbia Land Title Association Annual Convention

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Historic Inns of Annapolis
58 State Circle
Annapolis, MD 21401

Among the speakers will be David H. Cox, of Jackson & Campbell, P.C.
For more information, please click here.

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