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By: Roy L. Kaufmann


DC – Outdoor Signage:  Regulations have been proposed that limit and tax many forms of signage. Read more.

DC – Online Real Estate Tax Bills:  Tax Bills available on-line, but use with caution. Read more.

DC – New Homestead and Sr. Citizen/Low Income Application Forms. Read more.

DC – Delinquent Debt Recovery Act:  The District has charged the CFO’s office with the responsibility of collecting almost all debts owed to the District. Read more.

DC – Recordation Tax on Non-Residential Refi’s and Modifications.  Tax is at 1.1% only applied to loan amount in excess of the principal amount being financed. Read more.

DC – Proposed Law: Would allow redress by homeowners for substandard home improvements performed by previous owner. Read more.

DC – Ominous Notice to Attorneys about filing of pleadings at US District Court. Read more.

DC – Co-Ops:  Subject to transfer and recordation tax. Read more.

DC – Tax Sales:  No tax sale unless amount due exceeds $1,000.00. Read more.

DC – Court of Appeals Finds No Error in Foreclosure for Failure to Pay Condo Fees. Read more.

DC – Calculation of Recordation/Transfer Tax When Consideration is Less than FMV.  The Recorder of Deeds has long relied upon the 30% Rule, but there are fine points to consider. Read more.


MD – IDOTs in excess of $1M are now subject to the State Recordation Tax.  Read more.

MD – Court Rules that same-sex marriages valid in other jurisdictions are recognized in Maryland. Tenancy by Entirety now available. Read more.


VA – Recordation Tax on Deeds of Trust – Elimination of Exemption for Amounts Refinanced with Same Lender. Read more.

VA –  Expansion of Fraudulent Conveyance Statute.  Attorneys may become liable. Read more.


Real Estate and Recording Tax Rates. Read more.

Federal – Foreclosure Review Process Extended Through December 31, 2012.  Borrowers may request independent review of the conduct of foreclosure (including where foreclosure was averted through a work-out, short-sale, etc.). Read more.

Federal – Alternative Resource to PACER:  wwww.iforuptcy.com .  This site allows free viewing and printed copies at half the cost of PACER. Read more.

Federal – Draft Final Rules Published for Consolidated Truth-In-Lending and RESPA disclosures.  HUD-1 to be received by borrower no less than 3 days before closing.  Deadline for comments may be September 7, 2012, today. Read More.  


19th Council Period (2012)


Thursday, September 6-8 2012
Maryland Land Title Association Fall Convention
Ocean City, MD
Please click here for details.

Thursday, October 4, 2012—6:00PM -9:15PM
D.C. Bar CLE—When Lawyers Change Law Firms: Ethical, Practical, and Legal Issues. Arthur Burger will be a speaker. 3.0 Credit Hours, including 2.0 Ethics Credit Hours. Please click here for details.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012—8:00AM-12:00PM
D.C. Land Title Association Fall Seminar. David Cox will be a speaker.  Please click here for details.

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