Month: January 2023

A Fond Farewell to Times New Roman: DEI Committees Recommend Changing to a Sans Serif for Accessibility

In May of 2020, Jackson & Campbell adopted a new policy for all firm communications: it replaced Times New Roman font with Calibri, a more accessible and easier-to-read font. If high-tech scanners had trouble reading Times New Roman font, chances were that some of the people reading our communications also found difficulty in reading that font. Earlier this ... Read More

Jackson & Campbell attorneys Arthur D. Burger and Caroline Lee-Ghosal to teach D.C. Bar CLE on legal ethics on March 15, 2023.

On March 15, Arthur D. Burger and Caroline Lee-Ghosal will teach a D.C. Bar CLE course on legal ethics issues. This course, a follow-up to one they taught in 2022, provides commentary on a series of video vignettes that present fact scenarios for ethical dilemmas that lawyers often face. The course will be presented in-person and will also be available through ... Read More

Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Declines to Find Common-Law Duty for Insurer to Cover Mitigation Costs

In Ken’s Foods, Inc. v. Steadfast Insurance Co, Case No. SJC-13303 (Mass. Jan. 6, 2023), the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts issued an opinion holding that there is no common law duty for insurers to cover mitigation costs incurred by an insured when the terms of the policy at issue are unambiguous and do not provide for such coverage. The ... Read More