Online Filing – Income and Expense Report DC and Building Permits.

DC moves its technology forward to facilitate easy on-line filing.

Commercial property owners can anticipate receipt of notification from OTR that on-line filing
of Income and Expense forms is available. While online filing will be option for this year, it will
be mandatory next year. The due date for the form remains unchanged: April 15. The paper
forms are available at the OTR website. All pertain to the Income and Expense Report DC form.

Not to be outdone by OTR, DCRA has already automated the online process of submitting
building permit applications. The ProjectDox program is in full swing and building plans and
supporting documentation can be submitted electronically. Payments will be made on-line and
DCRA hopes that faster turnaround will result from handling less paper. For training in this new
system, contact DCRA at (202) 442-4538 or see the instruction manual here.