Are You Ready? DC’s Overhauled Zoning Regulations Become Effective September 6

DC’s new zoning regulations – referred to as “ZR16” – become effective September 6.  They are the product of a multi-year review by the Zoning Review Taskforce of the original zoning regulations enacted in 1958 and amended or updated through a patchwork process in the succeeding decades.  The Zoning Review Taskforce was comprised of representatives of the DC Government, the DC professional business and architectural communities, and the public.

ZR16 is a significant rewrite of the 1958 and successive regulations.  While not comprehensive, significant changes include the following:  (1) new zone designations; (2) decrease in parking requirements; (3) easing of restrictions for accessory dwelling units such as garages and carriage houses; (4) significant expansion of the downtown DC designation; (5) allowance of corner stores in certain residential zones; (6) allowance of special exception relief to development standards rather than the requirement of a variance; and (7) establishment of new front yard setbacks in residential zones for consistent street walls.

ZR16 can be found hereMinor technical modifications were approved and finalized on July 25 and can be found here.